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Come. Listen. Act.

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Again I am borrowing some words from a daily devotional that I read recently.  I, however, am going to put them in a different context than what they were written for originally. Read on…

The Magic of Supported Risk

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I was thinking about my great niece, Addyson, while I was walking my dog, Allie.  Addyson is nine months old now and has started taking a few cautious steps.  The process has been pretty instructive from a risk taking perspective. Read on…

Your Reaction Determines Your Reach

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I am not going to take credit for this title.  I attended a presentation by speaker Lysa Terkeurst last week and of all the things she said in her message, this one statement resonated with me the most.  Since last Wednesday, I have talked with several people about the statement and used it in two leadership presentations of my own.  I love it when I learn something so simple that can have such a big impact!Read on…

Autopilot or Sincere?

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I traveled to Boston over this past weekend in spite of the dire predictions of Hurricane Irene.  After all, I live in Mississippi. What’s a little Category 1 storm!  I flew up there a day earlier than scheduled to ensure I was there for the class I was facilitating on Monday.  You know, I took control over the situation rather than it taking control of me!  Read on…

The Wonder of It

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This past weekend, I had the special opportunity of visiting with my eight month old great niece.  She and I live hundreds of miles apart so it was really a blessing to get to see her.  Addy was amazing–a personality already developed, an unmatched energy level, and a curiosity that could rival the greatest cat in the universe. Read on…

What A Relief!

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I was ironing and listening to an audio book summary on the book Little Bets by Peter Sims.  I am successful at multi-tasking with this particular thing because I keep paper and pen close by for notes and I haven’t burned anything yet.  The speaker was relaying information about the need to spot flaws quickly when being innovative and creative and not allowing perfectionism to paralyze the process.  He used the words “healthy perfectionism.”  That got my attention!  He went on the explain that “striving for excellence and holding others to similar standards, planning ahead, and having strong organizational skills are internally driven perfectionism that is motivated by strong personal values for things like quality and excellence.”  The speaker explained further that striving for perfection in that fashion had many benefits.  I felt like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders!  I learned that it was not a bad characteristic–to be a perfectionist and to want others to value that also.Read on…

An Accountability Realization

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I wouldn’t exactly call it an epiphany.  It’s something I have known all along.  It’s just that it has come to the forefront more and has taken on new meaning and perspective.  You see, it’s all about me.  I’ve never liked saying or believing that things are all about me.  Yet, when it comes to accountability and responsibility nowadays, it is all about me. Read on…

A Different Perspective on a Pop-Culture Phenomenon

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If you are like millions of people around the world, you have been anxiously awaiting July 2011.  In the U.S., that was specifically July 15.  The big event was the release of the final chapter in the life of one very popular wizard, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II.  Over 1800 people attended the midnight showing at the theater near where I live.  No, I wasn’t one of them; although my husband and I will go to see it in the next week.  It’s sad to say but, thanks to Pay Per View, that series of movies is almost the only movies we have seen together in the theater over the past decade.Read on…

Is There Enough Evidence?

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There has been a lot of talk in the news the last couple of days about the lack of evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a young mother was guilty of murder.  Now, I am not going to take sides on this one way or the other; however, it got me to thinking.  It seems to me that what is happening here is that, in the court of public opinion, the young mother has to prove that she is innocent.  We’re all taught to believe that one is innocent until proven guilty; however, there have been many instances where it seems that the guilty label comes first-with or without the evidence.

Just recently, I read of another instance of this situation.  Let me explain.Read on…

Leadership Roots

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Have you ever looked for the roots of your leadership skills?  Many of us attribute them to our parents, our teachers, our coaches, and others who influenced us as we were growing up.  I am no different.  Those people all had essential roles in developing my skills and values.

Recently, I was exposed to something that focused my attention to another source of my leadership development.  I was attending the American Society for Training & Development International Conference and Exposition in Orlando.  Naturally, I attended the sessions that centered around leadership as that subject is much of what I concentrate on in my training efforts. Read on…